Aravant Celeste’

In the peak of summer, The Poet and Socialite  Aravante Celeste’, suffering a kind of ‘Foreboding Insomnia’ she knew would pass, got up from the autograph table, measured the noontime fog and met her co-conspirator Anton in the MET Garden Cafe’ and ordered a light lunch.   Anton arrived, delivered to her a small red-dressed […]

The Robbers Come Lookin’

  “Look, tough Guy!  I need to see the Dames now; ya’ see? Ya’ Get me!” Aliakulkaha said.               “You guys are gonna’ have to lay off the satellite dish–Are you asking if there’s girls involved?” Mike asked. “Okay, so ya’ don’t wanna’ snitch?!  Slappy, you’re gonna’ do a […]

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